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First Look: Beats Studio Wireless

Hadyn Green tries out the Beats Studio Wireless headphones.

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For the last few months I have been using the Beats Studio Wireless Headphones and I am deeply impressed. They are essentially the wireless version of the Beats Studio 2, so the comfort and sound quality is similar, which is to say very good.

These are also active noise-cancelling headphones. That means they have a slightly annoying power feature. To listen to anything through the Beats they must be turned on. The battery lasts a pretty long time and I used them on flights to Thailand and Australia without running out of charge. The trick is remembering to turn them off when you’re not using them.

While these are wireless, they still have a removable cable and attaching and detaching the cable turns the headphones on and off. Plugging the cable in also turns the Bluetooth off.

The Bluetooth connection worked even 10-15m away from the phone I was using. In fact more than once I got up and walked away and turned a corner before I realised my phone was still on my desk.

This is also quite good if you, like me, enjoy dancing with headphones on.

Out and about, not having a cable attached to your head is delightfully freeing. The left ear has hidden controls so a quick tap pauses the music.

The controls work well with both Apple and Android, though they are “optimised” for Apple, as Apple now owns Beats.

My verdict

The overall experience of using the Beats Studio Wireless headphones was excellent. They are great at noise cancelling, give wonderful sound and worked perfectly on Bluetooth. The battery is charged with a micro USB cord and lasts long enough for most trips, even with Bluetooth on.

  • Beats Studio Wireless
  • $619.95

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