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Recall: Sparkling grape juice

Recall: Sun Country sparkling grape juice


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The problem

Some bottles have a low level of fermentation which may cause the contents to leak or the bottle to break.


Sparkling grape juice 750ml - red and white varieties with the following batch information printed on the bottle:

  • BB 16JUN15 C000L TX912
  • BB 26MAY15 C000L TX869
  • BB 16JUN15 C000L TX911
  • BB 26MAY15 C000L TX868

What to do

  • Check the batch information printed on the bottle. Bottles with the batch information listed above should not be drunk.
  • Return any affected bottles to the place of purchase for a full refund.
  • Phone 0800 222 106 if you have any queries.

Note: There is no health risk from drinking any of these batches.