Garden shredders

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Turn garden waste into something useful.

The electric shredders we tested are designed for domestic use - they're rated for shredding branches up to 4cm in diameter. How well did they work? Quite well - but some were seriously noisy.

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How they work

Shredders come in 2 designs.

A rotating blade shredder(left) and roller shredder (right).
A rotating blade shredder(left) and roller shredder (right).

One system has a high-speed rotating blade with a chute above. You feed the garden waste into the chute; the blade chops and shreds it. These models work like a giant food processor – and they make a serious din in the process.

The second design has a heavily fluted roller that rotates relatively slowly close to a substantial steel plate. A chute’s located above the roller and the garden waste that goes down the chute gets dragged in between the roller and plate. The flutes in the roller chop and crush the waste against the steel plate. The roller can be reversed to clear any jams.

Both systems work well enough. The rotating-blade models tended to score higher in our test and they’re more versatile in what they can successfully mulch. But the roller models were much quieter.

What we found

Garden shredders were tested for cutting performance and ease of use.

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