Updated 9 Nov 2017


the Smart Kettle BKE825

Snapshot: The 1.7L Breville the Smart Kettle BKE825 has five pre-set temperatures plus an audible “water boiling” reminder. How noisy is it?

the Smart Kettle BKE825
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Test results

Overall score
Ease of use
Energy efficiency

Good points

  • Quiet.
  • Fast to boil one litre of water.
  • Push-button lid-opening for very easy filling.
  • Easy-to-use on/off switch on the base.
  • The water can be poured in an even stream.
  • The handle is very comfortable and the kettle doesn’t have to be tilted much towards the end of pouring.
  • Five pre-set temperatures which are reasonably accurate.
  • 20-minute keep-warm function for selected temperature.
  • Has audible “water boiling” reminder.


  • The water level isn’t easy to see.

Breville's response to negative reviews

We contacted Breville in May 2016 regarding negative reviews we received about this kettle. Several members noted the lid on their kettle pops open unexpectedly, others had the clear plastic lens in the lid crack, and some found their kettle didn’t automatically shut off after boiling.

Breville told us it was aware of these issues. A design change has been introduced in the electronic control system to address the boiling control issue. The lid opening mechanism design and tolerances have been adjusted to address the lid popping open. Manufacturing processes are being updated to control the lid lens cracking fault.

Breville said it appreciates consumer feedback to continue improving product design and performance.

How we test

Overall score is made up of:
Ease of use (40%)
Noise (40%)
Boiling performance (10%)
Energy efficiency (10%)

Noise was assessed midway through boiling-up and from 1m away. A higher score means less noise.

Price is based on an October 2017 price survey.

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